8 November 2016News

BDA webcasts to stress benefits of Bermuda captives

The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) is to produce a new series of webcasts highlighting the benefits of Bermuda captive insurance companies for major corporations of all industries.

Seven videos are being released over the next four weeks explaining what captives are and how they can be used as highly-effective self-insurance vehicles to cut costs and better manage risks.

Among industry topics covered in the webcasts are: fronting, regulation, feasibility, tax information exchange agreements, governance, steps to incorporate, and why Bermuda is the world’s leading captive domicile.

“We’re always looking at new ways to keep our potential new business as well as our industry partners engaged and well-informed about Bermuda’s captive insurance solutions,” said BDA business development manager Jereme Ramsay.

“The webcasts will highlight topics that companies should consider, along with top trends in the captive insurance space. The content is relevant for medium- to large North American entities that are exploring self-insurance as part of their risk-management programmes.”

Ramsay, who manages the risk-industry sector for the BDA, says Bermuda continues to offer pragmatic, cost-effective solutions in its blue-chip jurisdiction, a message digital platforms such as webcasts, podcasts and webinars can take to global audiences.

The BDA said that the webcasts provide a timely lead-up to its business development roadshow on captive insurance slated for Toronto, Ontario later in November, as well as in regional US cities early next year.