PartnerRe reorganises global non-life operations


As of May 1st PartnerRe will split its global property and casualty business unit into two dedicated teams, focused on meeting the needs of PartnerRe's clients in mature and high-growth markets individually. Both teams will report to Emmanual Clarke, CEO of PartnerRe global.

Christophe Renia, currently head of credit & surety, will lead the mature markets team, while Salvatore Orlando, who serves now as head of P&C Mediterranean Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, has been promoted to head of high growth markets.

A new global accounts team, led by Patrick Chevrel, will provide holistic reinsurance solutions to large clients with a global presence.

Clarke commented: “these organisational changes reflect our focus on providing efficient solutions to meet the evolving needs and reinsurance buying preferences of our clients.”

Bermuda:Re spoke with Emmanuel Clarke, CEO of PartnerRe global about the division of units.

Why is this the ideal time to reorganise?

No timing is ever ideal. However, when the market environment evolves, you must be ready to proactively search for solutions. Sometimes this means reorganizing to better meet the clients needs and challenges. Putting changes into place during the first half of the year avoids undue disruption to our clients and allows us to kick off the renewal season with the new organisation on solid ground.

What advantages are to be had by creating dedicated teams for different types of markets?

Creating dedicated teams is part and parcel of a segmented approach which allows us to respond to the differentiated needs of our clients, be it due to their size, location or market place. Segmenting in this way provides us with more flexibility and efficiency to meet the challenges associated with mature markets, while, at the same time, providing greater focus for dealing with the unique demands in high growth markets. Our largest worldwide clients will also benefit from this segmentation through a Global Accounts team entirely dedicated to providing them with solutions tailored to their preference for holistic reinsurance purchasing.

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