Watford CEO to retire with president named as his replacement


John Rathgeber will retire as chief executive officer of Watford Holdings on March 31, 2020. 

Rathgeber will remain a member of Watford’s board of directors and continue to serve as a senior advisor. 

Jonathan Levy, Watford’s president, will take over responsibility as chief executive. He joined Watford at its inception as its chief risk officer. He had previously served as chief pricing actuary of insurance for Endurance Specialty Holdings, and as a senior consultant at Tillinghast Towers Perrin. He started his career at ACE INA. 

Walter Harris, chairman of Watford’s board, thanked Rathgeber for his leadership, having guided the company from its formation, including spearheading its entry into the public markets. 

Rathgeber described his successor as an “immensely talented individual,” adding that he felt “privileged to have helped establish a company with such a unique and powerful business model.” 


Watford Holdings, John Rathgeber, Jonathan Levy, Walter Harris

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