Sirius restructures its global business technology management team


Sirius International Insurance Group has enhanced its global business technology (GBT) team with a management restructure. 

Mohammad Alibhai has been named as head of infrastructure and operations, with responsibility for the adoption and oversight of managed services and end user enablement and training.

Carlos Alston has been named as chief enterprise architect. Alston recently joined Sirius and is accountable for defining enterprise standards, governance and practices for technology architecture. He is also responsible for designing the user experience and considering emerging technologies such as Robotics.

David Anderson is head of research and innovation, responsible for creating a platform and ecosystem to incubate Sirius Group’s innovation capabilities.

Miguel Mir becomes chief data officer and head of business intelligence and analytics. This expanded role involves leveraging data as a corporate asset and developing solutions to serve enterprise data processing, mining and analytics.

Tim Nash is named as chief information security officer, responsible for establishing and maintaining Sirius’ enterprise security technology strategy and policies. 

Michael Venezia becomes head of technology transformation, responsible for leading the strategy and operational effectiveness for the multiyear transformation of the global business technology team.

The restructuring is the final phase in Sirius Group’s GBT transformation which began in late 2019 with the hire of Beth Boucher as global chief information officer. Since then Boucher has been reviewing the firm’s global business technology capabilities to maximise innovation and operational efficiency. 

Sirius said the restructuring will also allow it to improve its offering for customers and reduce costs and redundancies.

Kip Oberting, president and chief executive officer of Sirius Group, said: “These recent key hires and restructuring within the technology group will pave the way for our global digital transformation initiatives that will further enhance the customer experience.”

Sirius International Insurance Group, Mohammad Alibhai, Carlos Alston, David Anderson, Miguel Mir, Tim Nash, Michael Venezia, Kip Oberting, Beth Boucher

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