Mosaic crowned best cyber newcomer


Mosaic crowned best cyber newcomer

Cyber winners—from left, Mosaic’s global head of cyber, Yosha DeLong; head of Americas cyber, Brian Dusek; head of claims Americas, Elissa Doroff; and cyber VP Daisy Lopez.

Mosaic Insurance has been named Cyber Newcomer of the Year by insurtech and data services provider Advisen, a Zywave company. The Bermuda-domiciled specialty insurer was honoured as an industry top performer at the ninth annual Cyber Risk Awards in New York City this month.

The award recognises start-up operations from 2021 that are making a significant impact on how cyber threats are identified, quantified, and mitigated. Criteria included demonstrating a new way of doing business, a technological breakthrough, or an interesting partnership of skills.

“We are humbled and deeply honoured to have received this award,” said Mosaic’s global head of cyber, Yosha Delong. “It’s a testament to the hard work put in by Mosaic’s cyber team in our start-up year and the support of our brokers and partners throughout the industry.”

Cybersecurity is a core area of expertise for Mosaic, which began underwriting this line of business globally in April 2021, just two months after the company’s launch.

Leveraging its Lloyd’s Syndicate 1609, together with capital-management agencies around the world, Mosaic said the cyber division benefitted from its insurtech platform, allowing the buildout of portfolios using real-time insights and data.

Mosaic currently has 11 cyber specialists based in its Chicago, New York, London, and Bermuda offices, with plans to add more in Toronto and Frankfurt in the next few months.

“Our cyber team is on a mission—it’s incredibly exciting to work with them!” said Mosaic’s co-CEO, Mark Wheeler. “The Cyber Newcomer of the Year Award is underpinned by Yosha’s outstanding talent, as well as that of the people she has assembled at Mosaic. Our differentiated model is rapidly scaling revenue and market access across our specialty underwriting business. This group is emblematic of that momentum.”

Rising cyber perils, including cyber warfare, data breaches, ransomware and other attacks on systems and software threaten industries and economies and increasingly affect all insurance lines, Mosaic said.

Its cyber team encourages clients to foster a security culture throughout organisations, and also capitalises on strong collaboration with US, UK and international law enforcement, academia, security protection, and breach response groups, it added.

Delong said: “We believe in a holistic approach—in how we both select risks and help sophisticated global customers focus on their controls and corporate culture to embrace best practices. The cyber underwriting market’s transition in that direction is clear, and we plan to be at the forefront.”

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