Horseshoe looks to rowing for inspiration in its rebrand


Horseshoe looks to rowing for inspiration in its rebrand

Horseshoe, the ILS service provider, has unveiled its new brand, inspired by rowing. 

While the company name is unchanged, it has created a new brand-mark , which it said represents the value it delivers to its clients and its commitment to their success.

Andre Perez, founder and chief executive officer of Horseshoe, said: “When performed at high level, rowing requires perseverance, focus, discipline, talent and, above all, team effort. These qualities are embedded within the Horseshoe team and they underpin the partnership we build with our clients.” 

Lola Myshketa, chief business development officer, said the brand logo signifies momentum, velocity, diversity, balance, unity and continuity. “Horseshoe is known for its creative edge and for being different, so we chose a spectrum of colors to voice our progressive, innovative and fun spirit,” she said. 

“The five colors associated with our icon represent our five key business solutions; insurance management, reinsurance transforming, fund administration, corporate and advisory services,” she added.  

Perez argued the rebranding reflected the evolution of the business over the past 15 years. 

“We have evolved,” he explained. “We have successfully diversified our service offerings and broadened our global footprint. We have become an industry leader and we want to create a brand that speaks to what we stand for.” 

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