Bermuda’s Premier resigns over ‘JetGate’ scandal


Bermuda Premier Craig Cannonier has resigned in an effort to shore up support in the One Bermuda Alliance government following ongoing criticism over his acceptance of flights and hospitality from investors.

Cannonier has faced ongoing criticism since the summer from parliament regarding his acceptance of hospitality in the so-called JetGate scandal.

He is alleged to have travelled by private jet and been extended hotel accommodation by private investors and to have done so without notification, breaching the Bermuda ministerial code of conduct.  

In a televised statement, Cannonier says that his and the government’s integrity had come under attack as a result of the scandal, “threatening the good work being done by the government”.

He admits that there has been a “failure of transparency”, which remains a “core principle of the OBA” and that after careful deliberation he has decided to tender his resignation.

The scandal has evidently unsettled the ruling OBA and Cannonier’s move appears to be an effort to draw a line under the issue.

Cannonier will be replaced by Michael Dunkley, who will serve as Acting Premier.

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