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Where ILS and ESG intersect

Bermuda, Global20-09-2019Alternative risk transfer, Risk Management

The Bermuda Stock Exchange has launched an environmental, social and governance initiative that aims to enable sustainable and responsible growth for its member companies and the wider community. Greg Wojciechowski caught up with Bermuda:Re+ILS to explain what this means for the exchange and the ILS markets.

Models: what really matters

Global20-09-2019Alternative risk transfer, Risk Management

William Dubinsky, managing director & head of ILS at Willis Towers Watson Securities, takes a look at model clarity and other issues facing the ILS market.

Talent comes to the fore

Bermuda, Global19-09-2019Risk Management

Bermuda’s position as a world-class domicile is partly based on its deep talent pool—both homegrown and developed and attracted from overseas—but it must never get complacent about the importance of talent, Charles Cooper of AXA XL tells Bermuda:Re+ILS.

How to attract the stars of the future


The expertise of the Bermuda workforce has always been one of the jurisdiction’s biggest strengths. Bermuda:Re+ILS asked a number of local executives for their views on whether the Island—and the wider reinsurance industry—remains attractive to the best people.

Slip-ups on the road ahead

Bermuda, Global17-09-2019Risk Management

The latest Reinsurance Banana Skins survey by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation and PwC has shown that worries over technology and cyber risk are at the top of the 2019 list of concerns for reinsurers. Bermuda:Re+ILS examines the full findings of the report.

At the forefront of innovation

Bermuda, Global17-09-2019Risk Management

Bermuda’s flexible and innovative approach has ensured it remains at the forefront of risk transfer globally—but more could be done to educate its wider stakeholders about the good work it does, as Charles Cooper of AXA XL explains to Bermuda:Re+ILS.

Welcome to LPI— your new classmate


Bermuda is the market-leading jurisdiction for ILS but it must stay abreast of development and changes in the market—prompting its regulator to explore some regulatory adjustments, as Peter Dunlop and Shannon Dyer from Walkers Bermuda explain.

Leading the world in ILS


Bermuda is known as the world’s risk capital for good reason, and it remains the dominant force in ILS globally, says Greg Wojciechowski, president and chief executive officer of the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

Uncertainty is opportunity


While the Bermuda economy continues to face challenges, it must also grasp the opportunities presented and leverage them amid the uncertainty, says Dennis Fagundo of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce.

Capital charges on Fannie and Freddie deals

Bermuda, North America13-09-2019

Since the first deals in 2013, the transfer of mortgage credit risk to the reinsurance market Freddie Mac’s Agency Credit Insurance Structure and Fannie Mae’s Credit Insurance Risk Transfer has grown rapidly. Wai Tang and David Mautone of AM Best report on recent developments.

Showing 61 to 70 of 650 results

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