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Banking insight


Key figures at the Bermuda Commercial Bank (BCB) outline the bank’s offering to the insurance and reinsurance community, and address those challenges faced by BCB and the wider banking industry.

And the 2010 results are in...


A difficult year sums it up; 2010 was characterised by overcapitalisation, softening rates, limited M&A activity, share buy-backs and largely unforseen cat events. The troubled environment was reflected in industry results.

New York: in Florida's footsteps


Following Florida’s decision to ease collateral limits for foreign reinsurers back in February of 2010, New York State has followed suit, with similar reduced requirements coming into force on January 1, 2011.

January 2010: a long way down

01-02-2011Bermuda Re

Bermuda Re looks at the January renewals season and finds that the soft market that characterised 2010 looks set to persist.

Switzerland: Bermuda's European outpost

01-02-2011Bermuda Re

Bermuda Re talks with a host of reinsurers and industry experts about how Bermuda-based players can exploit a presence in Switzerland to develop their European business.

Mark Byrne: a wise head

01-02-2011Bermuda Re

Mark Byrne, chief executive officer of Haverford (Bermuda), gives his views on the qualities needed to lead a global reinsurer and why alternative vehicles are more likely to arise than start-ups in today’s soft environment.

ERM: rising to the top

01-02-2011Bermuda Re

Enterprise risk management has gained increasing prominence in recent months. Industry experts address its strengthened role in the day-to-day operations of reinsurers.

Eligible capital

01-02-2011Thomas Kelly and Paul O'Neill

KPMG outlines the implications of the new capital rules and addresses how reinsurers can best optimise their capital position.

Worker's comp: uncertainties remain

01-02-2011Bermuda Re

Bermuda Re surveys the current state of workers’ compensation lines and finds that after a difficult few years, the outlook for 2011 remains mixed.

Bermuda: welcoming shores

01-02-2011Captive insuranceBermuda Re

Bermuda Re speaks with leading figures in Bermuda’s captive sector and finds that despite a range of pressures, the Island remains a vibrant and leading destination for captive re/insurance.

Showing 571 to 580 of 639 results

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