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The lynchpin (global business)

31-05-2010Bradley Kading

Bermuda’s standing in world business is deeply rooted, argues Bradley Kading. Therefore, proposed inward-looking legislation from the US could do irreparable damage to global business.

A model of efficiency -- modeling


Bermuda Re/insurance invited a number of underwriters to discuss over-reliance on models, and in the interests of a healthy, balanced debate, asked the leading developers of cat models to respond.

Endurance: defence of the realm


Endurance Specialty’s newly appointed chief executive officer, David Cash, possesses a wise head on young shoulders. A good thing too, considers Bermuda Re, given the current challenging climate.

Equivalent not equivalent-- shaping the outcome of group supervision


Uncertainty surrounding the European Commission’s Solvency II equivalence assessment means it is vital that Bermuda groups plan its requirements, but equivalence may have limited impact.

Regulation: a paradigm shift


Solvency II approaches and not everyone is happy. Some companies may even move from jurisdictions that adopt Solvency II or its equivalents. Bermuda Re/insurance reports.

Broker's report


Bermuda Re/insurance continues the series in which we ask brokers to opine on a particular topic. This issue, the subscriptions market comes under the microscope.

Seeking new pastures

31-05-2010Wayne Jones

The Middle East’s star is on the rise as an emerging market for the re/insurance industry, but just how simple is it to set up shop there? Wayne Jones offers a few tips.

Making his move


Bermuda Re/insurance talks to Jeremy Cox, the new chief executive of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, about the challenges facing the Island and what the Authority is doing to address them.

Investing for the future


Bermuda Re/insurance invited a number of chief investment and financial officers to discuss their investment plans in light of regulation and the challenging economic landscape.

The state of the union


Four participants at Ernst & Young's Property/Casualty Year-end Outlook 2009 conference give their views on Bermuda’s prospects. Jonathan Reiss moderates.

Showing 571 to 580 of 590 results

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