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Renewed enthusiasm for reinsurance

01-11-2011Bryon Ehrhart

Reinsurance is set to become more accretive to insurers at January 1, while insurer product innovation will be on reinsurers’ agenda for 2011, says Bryon Ehrhart.

US reinsurance: big brother


The US continues to be the leading global market for Bermuda reinsurers. Here, recent developments in the market—model changes in particular—and that market’s undeniable and ongoing potential are explored.

Unpicking capital flows


Up to $2 billion of capital has entered the industry so far in 2011 and there is the promise of more to come Bermuda Re examines what is attractive to investors and how opportunistic capital is shaping the cycle.

Asian re/insurance: Eastern promise

China01-10-2011Bermuda Re

Asia has emerged as an attractive prospect for Bermuda players intent upon diversification and developing their global presence. Here, Bermuda Re examines the potential of an increasingly prominent and sophisticated market for Bermuda re/insurance.

The untapped potential of MENA


The Middle East and North Africa is a region brimming with opportunities as infrastructure and industrial projects proliferate. Here, Argo Re details the opportunities and challenges presented by the region.

Capital management: reinsurers assume a defensive posture


Bermuda Re brought together leading figures from the international reinsurance market to discuss capital management strategies in today’s troubled investment environment.

Cat modellers: under fire


Recent dramatic changes to US wind models prompted a torrent of accusations that the modelling industry had acted irresponsibly. Bermuda Re spoke with the big three modelling firms about the implications.

Terrorism coverage: uncertainty is the only constant


Infrequent and unpredictable terror events are exposing reinsurers to a soft cycle in which potential unknowns may punish flat pricing, says Tokio Millennium Re.

Monte Carlo: letters from the front


Bermuda Re reports upon the major developments, discussion points and controversies affecting the Bermuda re/insurance industry at this year’s Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous.

Casualty lines: awaiting the positive news

01-10-2011Bermuda Re

Despite a run of softening years, pressure on casualty lines is yet to prompt a turn, with troubled economic conditions and higher insurer retentions likely to sustain a troubled period for casualty reinsurers.

Showing 481 to 490 of 584 results

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