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Blockchain: Betting on Bermuda


Dave Edwards of ChainThat tells Bermuda:Re+ILS about the company’s new blockchain-powered risk and capital exchange on Bermuda.

Going from strength to strength

Bermuda, Global, London - UK08-05-2019Alternative risk transfer, Risk Management

Just over a year after it was founded, Sussex Capital continues to go from strength to strength. Mark Allan, chief financial officer of Brit, the power behind Sussex Capital, talks to Bermuda:Re+ILS about the road ahead.

Evolving to meet the latest threats

Bermuda, Global07-05-2019Cyber, Cyber insurance, Risk Management

Cyber insurance continues to evolve to meet the latest threats and regulatory changes, as Noel Pearman of AXA XL explains to Bermuda:Re+ILS.

EU blacklist: Bermuda’s getting out fast

Bermuda, Europe02-05-2019Government, Law and regulation

Many were stunned when it was revealed that Bermuda was on the EU’s so-called ‘blacklist’ of tax jurisdictions, and the government was quick to take responsibility for what turned out to be human error. How quickly can the Island be removed? Bermuda:Re+ILS reports.

Stalling hurricanes worry insurers


Hurricanes that come ashore and then stall, dumping huge amounts of water in one place, are an increasing source of concern for re/insurers. Bermuda:Re+ILS assesses TigerRisk’s new white paper on this subject.

Why Bermuda should fear the rise of emerging ILS hubs


Bermuda’s vibrant ILS sector already faces competition from established hubs such as the Cayman Islands, Ireland and Guernsey but now, emerging domiciles such as Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, and France are also looking to get a foothold in this market. Bermuda:Re+ILS reports.

Bermuda’s efforts to keep off the EU blacklist


Bermuda once again finds itself on the European Union’s so-called ‘blacklist’, but the government is committed to laying the groundwork for removing the jurisdiction from this list as soon as possible. Bermuda Re+ILS reports.

Spooked ILS investors have become wary of which funds they trust

Bermuda, Global26-02-2019Alternative risk transfer

The spate of heavy losses in 2017 and 2018, compounded by ‘loss creep’ as some funds struggled to post accurate loss estimates, seems to have made ILS investors pause for thought, with many being much more circumspect as to where to place their money. Bermuda:Re+ILS investigates.

Storms, fires, and a whirlwind of M&A

Bermuda, Global20-12-2018Risk Management

It’s been a busy year for the reinsurance industry on Bermuda. Bermuda:Re+ILS surveyed readers to find out what caught people’s attention the most over the course of the year.

Eyes on the horizon as 2019 looms ahead

Bermuda, Global20-12-2018Risk Management

After a tough couple of years what might lie ahead for the reinsurance market in 2019? Bermuda:Re+ILS reveals the results of its latest reader survey.

Showing 121 to 130 of 673 results

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