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Five inspirational leaders


Bermuda:Re+ILS brings you the second instalment of its Bermuda’s Risk Transfer Hall of Fame—in every issue we profile five individuals who have contributed significantly to Bermuda’s journey as a global risk transfer hub.

Homing in on government de-risking opportunities

Global18-10-2019Government, Risk Management

As AXA XL moves forward with a new operational structure, it is also eyeing opportunities to grow and make a wider difference. Charles Cooper discusses with Bermuda:Re+ILS the opportunities available to help close the protection gap and why life is better for XL Group with its new parent.

AXIS eyes top 10 spot


After a period of refocusing and realignment, AXIS is ready to thrive and claim a top 10 spot in the reinsurance market, senior executives Albert Benchimol and Steve Arora tell Bermuda:Re+ILS.

Sirius simplifies to optimise

Bermuda, North America18-10-2019

2019 has been an important year for Sirius—and one of change. Bermuda:Re+ILS talks to two of the company’s senior executives, Kip Oberting and Monica Cramér Manhem, about the adjustments it has made and what it is trying to achieve.

Insurtech: slogan, bubble or revolution?


The re/insurance world has been grappling with the possibilities posed by insurtech for some years, but is it just a slogan, or a bubble that will burst, or is there something more tangible emerging? Bermuda:Re+ILS investigates.

Blockchain: Betting on Bermuda


Dave Edwards of ChainThat tells Bermuda:Re+ILS about the company’s new blockchain-powered risk and capital exchange on Bermuda.

How to avoid the potholes


As the Bermuda M&A bubble shows little sign of bursting, Alan Bossin, partner at law firm Appleby, offers predictions on what else we should expect this year and suggests that good due diligence at the outset of the transaction can help avoid bumps in the road.

Modelling cat risk: 25 years since Hurricane Andrew

Global, North America27-11-2017Crisis Management, Risk Management

The understanding and ownership of scientific content will become a focal point of future catastrophe modelling, says Lixin Zeng, chief executive officer of Validus AlphaCat.

Collaboration is key to harnessing insurtech growth


Insurtech investment has been increasing apace. Rather than fight the potential disruptors, re/insurers are being encouraged to pursue ‘open architecture innovation’ and collaborate with startups to achieve new industry growth, according to Paul Mang and Parr Schoolman of Aon’s Analytics team.

Stepping up to the crease

Bermuda08-11-2017Crisis Management, Risk Management

As the re/insurance industry deals with everything from hurricanes to Brexit, leadership has never been more important. Bermuda:Re+ILS takes a look at the people who are providing Bermuda with the leadership that circumstances now demand.

Showing 1 to 10 of 92 results

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