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The way forward: Annual Monte Carlo Reinsurance & ILS Round Table

Bermuda, Europe20-10-2014M&A

In what is a very competitive environment, reinsurers are weighing their options—which include mergers and acquisitions and diversification. Bermuda:Re+ILS invited leaders from a number of Bermuda players to our annual Monte Carlo Reinsurance & ILS Round Table to debate the options available to reinsurers and describe how they see the future.

Mitigating vendor lock-in risks

Bermuda20-10-2014Risk ManagementTreefrog Consulting

Choosing, implementing and running risk management software can be an expensive and frustrating task. This pressure can be eased by relying on experienced specialists who can help cut through the complexities and reduce costs, as Dmitry Mnushkin explains.

Cat bond pricing: where to now?


Cat bond pricing faces continued downward pressure in the face of buoyant investor demand. Here, we explore the pricing dynamics with key players in the ILS market.

Speed and simplicity ensure further success for ILS


CATstream, Aon Benfield Securities’ latest facility focused on the cat bond market, promises to deliver expedited and simplified transactions to clients. Paul Schultz of Aon Benfield Securities talked to Bermuda:Re about its potential.

In pursuit of innovation

Bermuda, North America29-09-2014

The convergence market is encouraging some creative thinking in the market. Here, we explore some of the key innovations and their implications for the ILS sector.

Convergence: engage and differentiate

Bermuda, North America09-07-2014

Convergence players are behind some of the competitive dynamics facing the industry, but also face many of its headwinds. Here, we address how such markets are differentiating their offering in the current difficult conditions.

Convergence investors: an evolution

Bermuda, North America09-07-2014

We address the changing make-up, focus and expectations of investors in the convergence space as the market broadens and matures.

Model sophistication

Bermuda, North America09-07-2014

Catastrophe modelling firms are increasingly sophisticated stakeholders in the ILS space, driving innovation, diversification and a greater understanding of risk transactions.

The ILS ‘explosion’: getting it right

Bermuda, North America15-04-2014BNY Mellon

For insurers and investors alike, the right choice of trustee/agent administering the ILS structure is vitally important, as Alex Tsarnas and Erin Courcey explain.

The ‘alt re’ renaissance

Bermuda15-04-2014Bermuda Business Development Agency

Bermuda is poised to continue its domination of the reinsurance market as it enters its post-convergence era, as billions of dollars in alternative capital blaze a trail to the Island.

Showing 91 to 100 of 140 results

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