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Green giant: how AXA XL is scaling heights on climate

Bermuda15-07-2022Climate Risk Finance, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Andrew MacFarlane of AXA XL explains to Bermuda:Re+ILS how he plans to keep AXA in the top tier of progress on climate risk.

Catch a wave: defining the latest startups


A hard market is the traditional trigger for new capacity and new startups on Bermuda, but that’s where the comparison ends for the latest reinsurers to disembark at Hamilton.

Developing a new economic pillar for Bermuda

Bermuda23-12-2021Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

Bermuda has always developed the many pillars that support its economy through being proactive and innovative. Minister of Finance the Hon. Curtis Dickinson, JP, MP, explains where he sees innovation leading the Island next: towards climate risk finance.

Faries backs Bermuda to retain position at the top of ILS

Bermuda07-12-2021Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

Other jurisdictions are beginning to eye the ILS market as a potential growth driver for themselves, but the recently-appointed Horseshoe CEO thinks the Island is well placed to fend off the competition.

Embracing its true destiny: QBE Re commits to Bermuda

Bermuda06-12-2021Cyber, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

QBE Re has a renewed appetite for reinsurance business and plans to become a real force in the market—with Bermuda being at the heart of that strategy, Tracey Gibbons, head of office, QBE Re, tells Bermuda:Re+ILS.

Back to business

Bermuda, Europe, North America09-11-2021Alternative risk transfer, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

Bermuda prides itself on its friendly approach to new business, and is attracting growing numbers of startups in insurtech and life re to add to its portfolio of re/insurance firms. Craig Redcliffe of EY Bermuda explains the many attractions of the Island.

A fresh start: Reardon outlines her vision for Hiscox on Bermuda

Bermuda14-10-2021Cyber, Ransomware

Kathleen Reardon recently took the reins at Hiscox Re & ILS. In an exclusive interview with Bermuda:Re+ILS she reveals the logic behind the switch and how the Island can remain at the centre of the re/insurance world.

Rethinking ILS collateral


Increasing interest from dedicated ESG investors is encouraging some deal structurers to think of new and creative ways to make ILS even more appealing, Peter Dunlop of Walkers tells Bermuda:Re+ILS.

How ILS is adapting to COVID-19, ESG and competition from London

Bermuda08-02-2021Alternative risk transfer

Ross Webber of Apex Group talks to Bermuda:Re+ILS about the ILS market, including how it has responded to the pandemic and how it is adapting amid growing interest in ESG investing.

Geared for growth: Bermuda’s regulatory framework

Bermuda02-10-2020Law and regulation

Bermuda’s regulatory framework has evolved to support ILS growth and innovation potential. This will be invaluable in helping the Island adapt to life after COVID-19, whatever that looks like, say Sarah Demerling, head of market intelligence, and Anna Pereira, head of overseas market and promotion, at ILS Bermuda.

Showing 1 to 10 of 147 results

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