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Green giant: how AXA XL is scaling heights on climate

Bermuda15-07-2022Climate Risk Finance, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Andrew MacFarlane of AXA XL explains to Bermuda:Re+ILS how he plans to keep AXA in the top tier of progress on climate risk.

BILTIR goes from strength to strength

Bermuda, North America25-05-2022

Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers has unveiled two new members and strengthened its board, as it prepares for another year of growth for the sector it represents.

The good life: Bermuda’s new economic pillar

Bermuda, Europe, North America25-05-2022Alternative risk transfer

The life sector has moved swiftly from being a new ‘nice-to-have’ in the Bermuda marketplace, to the Island’s latest big success story, said a panel at the Bermuda Risk Summit discussed.

Life lessons: learnings from a decade of BILTIR in Bermuda


Bermuda’s life sector received the greatest accolade during the Bermuda Risk Summit: that it is a new pillar of the Island’s economy. One year on from her previous interview with Bermuda:Re+ILS, Sylvia Oliveira, chair of BILTIR, brought us up to date.

A ‘digital nuclear bomb’: cyber experts assess the potential impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Bermuda25-05-2022Cyber, Cyber insurance

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the landscape when it comes to cyber threats. A panel of experts at the Bermuda Risk Summit examined the implications of this for the world of risk transfer.

Mind the gap: Brokers eye fresh avenues for innovation

Bermuda, Europe, UK, United States25-05-2022Climate Risk Finance, Epidemic & Pandemic Risk Protection, Risk Management

From weather to debt, there are deep protection gaps to fill. But these also represent some fantastic opportunities for the industry to remain relevant and grow, the Bermuda Risk Summit heard.

More than cat and climate: the protection gap that cannot be ignored

Bermuda25-05-2022Climate Risk Finance, Epidemic & Pandemic Risk Protection

The much-debated protection gap is clearly a big opportunity for the industry—but discussions about the nature of this opportunity need to extend to cyber risk and intellectual property, according to Paul Scope of Ed Broking (Bermuda).

Mistaken identity: how to spot the ‘uninsurable’

Bermuda25-05-2022Alternative risk transfer, Climate Risk Finance, Cyber insurance, Epidemic & Pandemic Risk Protection

Some risks are clearly very difficult for the industry to insure alone, but solutions can be found through public-private partnerships, experts argued at the Bermuda Risk Summit.

Stepping up: Bermuda grasps ESG

Bermuda25-05-2022Climate Risk Finance

ESG factors are high up the industry’s agenda, but they can also be hard to define, measure and prioritise. A new benchmarking report may just help carriers do all those things, a Bermuda Risk Summit panel heard.

No-brainer: Bermuda is the right place for climate risk finance

Bermuda25-05-2022Climate Risk Finance

Ahead of the Bermuda Business Development Agency’s inaugural Climate Risk Summit, the agency’s CEO and chairman explain why the Island is the obvious domicile of choice for climate risk finance.

Showing 1 to 10 of 447 results

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