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Hedging longevity risk in the life reinsurance market: a guide

Bermuda09-11-2021Life, Risk Management

With questions over health and mortality surging to the top of public consciousness amid the pandemic, there has been heightened interest in life assurance and, by extension, reinsurance coverage. How do carriers manage these portfolios over time?

Digging deep on digital: can the life reinsurance market keep up with the kids?


How is the life assurance industry moving to keep up with changing times and an increased focus on digitisation? Philip Edbrooke, director of protection and innovation for Europe at Pacific Life Re, spoke to Bermuda:Re+ILS.

Back to business

Bermuda, Europe, North America09-11-2021Alternative risk transfer, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

Bermuda prides itself on its friendly approach to new business, and is attracting growing numbers of startups in insurtech and life re to add to its portfolio of re/insurance firms. Craig Redcliffe of EY Bermuda explains the many attractions of the Island.

Independent brokers remain integral to the Bermuda re/insurance market


Bermuda has welcomed a sustained influx of new insurance players. Paul Scope of Ed Broking looks at the independent brokers and their influence on Bermuda’s ongoing success.

A new generation of trailblazers


Bermuda is known around the world as the premier jurisdiction for re/insurance. Key to its success is the breadth and depth of talent on the Island. Bermuda:Re+ILS introduces its Rising Stars class of 2021—12 people who are blazing their path across the industry.

A fresh start: Reardon outlines her vision for Hiscox on Bermuda

Bermuda14-10-2021Cyber, Ransomware

Kathleen Reardon recently took the reins at Hiscox Re & ILS. In an exclusive interview with Bermuda:Re+ILS she reveals the logic behind the switch and how the Island can remain at the centre of the re/insurance world.

Why here, and why now?


Activity and interest in the life and annuity sector has been rising in Bermuda, with a number of factors on the supply and demand sides of the equation aligning to drive growth in the business. Damian Cooper of PwC Bermuda outlines some of the factors driving this growth and explains why the Island has found itself at the heart of it.

Re/insurers need a strong ESG strategy in order to thrive: RenRe

Bermuda31-03-2021Risk Management

As RenaissanceRe places its new ESG strategy at the heart of its operations, chief risk officer Ian Branagan tells Bermuda:Re+ILS how the strategy was created and why it matters now more than ever.

Why Bermuda provides the perfect regulatory environment for Kuvare Life Re


The BMA’s supportive regulatory environment was a key motive for setting up the company on Bermuda.

The future looks bright for the long-term sector


The Bermuda Monetary Authority’s regulation and supervision ‘now put the Island toe-to-toe with the best in the world.’

Showing 1 to 10 of 433 results

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