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In its DNA: why Markel strives for collaboration


When Markel acquired State National in 2017 and Nephila in 2018, it had the opportunity to expand its client offering. Jed Rhoads of Markel Global Re explains how that has resulted in a ‘one-door’ policy for property-cat and collaboration elsewhere.

Green giant: how AXA XL is scaling heights on climate

Bermuda15-07-2022Climate Risk Finance, Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Andrew MacFarlane of AXA XL explains to Bermuda:Re+ILS how he plans to keep AXA in the top tier of progress on climate risk.

Different strokes: ILS is much more than an alternative

Bermuda11-07-2022Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

Jo Stanton, chair of ILS Bermuda and head of finance at Tangency Capital, explains the sector’s winning combination of underwriting discipline, prudent risk management and capital efficiency.

Local flair: Argus is BILTIR’s latest asset


Hannah Ross from Argus Group joined BILTIR’s board of directors in April. Ross told Bermuda:Re+ILS what she brings to her firm and to the association.

History plays its part in climate modelling

Bermuda, United States11-07-2022

Liz Harris of Ariel Re’s ancestors made the perilous voyage across the Atlantic to Bermuda in the 1600s, a fitting lineage for someone who studies modern-day weather perils. Bermuda:Re+ILS reports.

Perfect blend: combining analytics with talent


Being a mathematician and a communicator boded well for Greg Hendrick at the start of his career but as the co-founder of Vantage that combination is even more relevant. Bermuda:Re+ILS reports.

Catch my drift: how to control climate risk

Bermuda, United States21-06-2022parametric insurance risk

From fixed-income derivatives trader to parametric underwriter, Parameter Climate’s Marty Malinow’s career led him to putting a risk transfer framework around climate risk.

AXA XL is scaling heights on climate


AXA XL’s newly appointed head of climate explains to Bermuda:Re+ILS how he plans to keep AXA in the top tier of progress on climate risk.

The logic of the pure-front-plus-ILS model

Bermuda, United States16-06-2022Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)

Jonathan Reiss, chief executive officer of Concert Group Holdings, is in his 30th year of property and casualty insurance, but says that longevity is less about decades and more a matter of accepting the peaks and troughs in the market.

BILTIR goes from strength to strength

Bermuda, North America25-05-2022

Bermuda International Long Term Insurers and Reinsurers has unveiled two new members and strengthened its board, as it prepares for another year of growth for the sector it represents.

Showing 1 to 10 of 713 results

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