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bermudasleaderspart2-cover.jpg Bermuda's Leaders Part II - Service providers and ILS Specialists

bermudaleaderscoversmall.jpg Bermuda's Reinsurance Leaders 2016 - Shaping the Island's future

bre-rising-stars-16-cover-1-.jpg Bermuda's Rising Stars 2016 - The next generation of leaders

bre-iwob16-coversmall.jpg Influential Women of Bermuda 2016 - Bermuda:Re+ILS profiles the Island's female senior executives


Special Reports from 2012 to 2015 

Bermuda's Rising Stars 2015 - The next generation of reinsurance leaders


Influential Women of Bermuda 2015 - Bermuda:Re+ILS profiles the Island's female senior executives


Special report: Lloyd's - an examination of the value the London market brings to Bermuda players with an increasingly global footprint.








White paper: BNY Mellon - The Disaster Gap - how insurers and capital markets can harness big data to close the gap.  








Special report: Florida - an examination of the symbiotic relationship enjoyed by the Florida insurance and Bermuda reinsurance markets. 









Roundtable: a review of 2012 - an examination of key events that year and the opportunties and challenges these presented to industry. 


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